Chemical laboratory

Polymer, elastomer, seal, coating and adhesives definition

Test procedures:

Liquid sample water content determination
Standard: ASTM D 1533-00. Apparatus: 737 KF Coulometer, Metrohm.

Acid value determination Standard: ASTM D 664 -11a. Apparatus: Titrator DL 28, Mettler Toledo.

Kinematic viscosity Standard: ASTM 445-12. Apparatus: Viskozimetar, Petrotest.
Flash and fire point determination Standard: ASTM D 92-12. Apparatus: Cleveland open cup, Walter Herzog GmbH.

Determination of density, specific gravity and concentration of liquid Standard: ASTM D 4052-11. Apparatus: Digital densitometer, DMA 35N, Anton Paar.

Determination of elastomer hardness Shore A Standard: DIN 53 505 i ISO R 868. Apparatus: Shore meter BS 61, Dorernst.

Unknown composite sample identification using X-Ray method
Standard: Internal. Apparatus: EDXRF, Thermo–Fisher.

Nonmetal sample determination using IR-method.

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