Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. and Croatia Airlines J.S.C. signed an Agreement for mutual business and technical cooperation

Croatian Air Transport Company Croatia Airlines J.S.C and Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. signed an Agreement for mutual business and technical cooperation on
October 26th, 2017.

With this Agreement, the successful business cooperation between these two companies was resumed in the business of aircraft and component maintenance, with an extension of cooperation in the education of employees, according to all the mutual possibilities and needs.

2017-11-30 10:35:49

First independent helicopter overhaul

During the month of October, Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. has successfully completed the first independent overhaul of 6 + 2 helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-8T. 

2017-11-17 13:05:44

Annual inspection of Macedonian Air Tractor AT-802A fire-fighting aircraft

Two Macedonian Air Tractor AT-802A “Fire Boss” fire-fighting aircraft, (Regist. No. Z3-BGU and Z3-BGV), were delivered on 27. and 28.09.2107. to Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. (ZTC d.d.) for the scheduled maintenance.

This has confirmed a  successful business cooperation between the Macedonian Directorate for Protection and Rescue, Spanish company Avialsa T-35 S.L. and ZTC d.d., which is of great importance for the development of ZTC d.d. and opening to the commercial market.

Thanks to co-operation with the company such as Avialsa T-35 S.L., ZTC .d.d,  got a chance to enter market for AT-802 aircraft.

2017-11-17 12:28:47

26th anniversary of Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. (ZTC d.d.)

The ceremony was attended by employees, management of company, senior military officers and other distinguished guests.

CEO Mr. Pavao Krpan briefly outlined the business of the company in recent years, pointing out the successful preparation for the fire-fighting season, which was a record this year in the engagement of air forces, and once again confirmed the ability and quality of the company work.

Mr. Krpan emphasized that the company had implemented ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards, and the new Server in IT department, all in order to improve organization and internal processes within the company.

A good example of public opening is cooperation with the nearby city Velika Gorica, and active participation in the branding the Velika Gorica as “City of Aviation” and organization of airshow called AIRVG 2017. The specialty of this event was the fact that ZTC d.d. opened its hangars for the first time to citizens who had the opportunity to see the world of aircraft maintenance.

Mr. Krpan also emphasized the business activities related to the overhaul of 6+2 Mi-8MTV-1 and Mi-8T transport helicopters and preparations for the upcoming overhaul of the 10 helicopters Mi-171Sh and activities for the annual inspection of two Macedonian Air Tractor AT-802 as well.

The Commander of the Croatian Air Force, Major General Miroslav Kovač and  State Secretary, Mr. Zdravko Jakop expressed their praise to the employees of the Company for the maintenance of military aircraft and especially for successfully completed works on fire fighting aircraft.

2017-11-16 14:04:30

Certification audit was carried out for ISO 9001 and 14001 standards

During the period from 28.06. to 29.06. 2017. Certification House Cro Cert d.o.o. from Zagreb, carried out a certification audit of the quality management
system in the Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. (ZTC d.d.) which includes quality management and environmental management, for ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards.

The Company was satisfied certification audit, and obtained a certificate according to the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards as of 30.06.2017.

The acquisition of the ISO certificate for the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards is a significant event on the Company's development path, as well as the commitment of the Company for quality and consistency in maintaining an Integrated Quality Management system in all business segments.

2017-11-16 13:07:03

AIRVG2017 - Announcement of the first large scale airshow in Velika Gorica

The city of Velika Gorica as the organizer, and the  Aeronautical technical center J.S.C. (ZTC d.d.) as host, prepared an air show on 13.05. 2017 - named "AIRVG2017".

Visitors to AIRVG2017 expects flight show and aviation exhibition program in cooperation with Croatian Air Force, The Ministry of the Interior, Croatian Aero Clubs and a group of related business entities. The signatories of the Charter of Friendship project:  "Velika Gorica - City of Aviation” will be presented, and they form the backbone of aviation in Croatia.

The particularity of this event is that the ZTC d.d. for the first time opens the door to its hangar for citizens who will be able to peek into the world of aircraft maintenance. It will also be interesting flight  program in which it is announced the CAF aerobatic group "Wings of Storm” as well as other aircraft of the Croatian Air Force. A flight of the special police of the Republic of Croatia is planned, as well as general aviation flights.

The aviation day in Velika Gorica aims to promote aviation in Croatia and Velika Gorica as "City of Aviation".

Velika Gorica lives alongside aviation and we want to be economical, touristic and on any one the way to adapt to that source of good that brings a strong development component to ours economy and living standards of aviation workers.

“We are taught to live with airplanes, we teach our children, and we want to create the future with our airplanes!” - says Mayor Dražen Barišić, announcing the first Airshow and Aviation Fair.

Velika Gorica - City of Aviation

Aviation entities operating in the area of Velika Gorica, including International airport “Franjo Tuđman”, ZTC d.d., Croatian ATC, Croatia Airlines, Trade Air, Air Technical School “Rudolf Perišin”, University Velika Gorica, Aero Club Velika Gorica and Turist Board Velika Gorica, signed on July 5th a “Friendship Charter” with city Velika Gorica.

City of Velika Gorica with the main Croatian airport in its area, civilian and military aviation operating in the area of city, the tradition in aviation, significant share of working population in air traffic activities, effects of air traffic to the economy and income of the city and its residents, education the work system for air traffic, commercial activities that existed in aviation and in total the highest concentration of aviation activities in the area of local self-government, proves that this project confirms as the aviation center of Croatia - City of Aviation.

2017-11-16 12:33:07
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