Battery shop - Battery service Pb, NiCd, AgZn, (refilling, capacity check, repair)

IRE shop - Repair and test UHF/VHF communication equipment

Paint shop – Our company paint shop facility is located inside the hanger and can accommodate aircraft with max. height 4,5 m, max. wing span 15 m and max. length 20 m. 

Our aircraft painting program includes the following processes, which we believe offer a superior final product:

Interior and composite material shop
We are able to fabricate complete custom interior for any type of general aviation aircraft. Seat covers for cars, trucks and buses (textile or leather).

Durable heavy duty protection covers
Production and repair of composite material items, production of all types of wind sock.

Hydraulic unit shop
Testing and repair of static and rotating hydro components (e.g. actuators, pumps) , pressure measurements up to 400 bars, 
flow measurement up to 250 l/min, temperature measurement from 0-2000 °C, force measurement up to 500 N, rotation speed measurement up to 1000 rpm, measuring of axial movement from 0 to 1780 mm, torque measuring up to 250 Nm, frequency measurement AC, (0 - 600 Hz).

Tube and pressurized containers shop
Tube bending (∅20 - ∅45 mm), flanging of cooper tubes (available pads 1/8“, ¼“, 3/16“, 5/16“, 7/16“, 3/8“), flanging still pipes (pads ∅6 - ∅25 mm), hydraulic pressing (pads from 10 – 54 mm), assembling and disassembling of rubber hoses, bushing (pads ∅20 - ∅60 mm), testing of fire extinguishing bottles (weighting, hydro static tests, refilling CO2, N,HALON 1211).

Structural repair shop
Fabrication and repair of sheet metal parts, fabrication of spherical surfaces using Ecold technology, processing of sheet metal plates up to 1.5 mm, cutting of sheet metal plates up to 1000 mm, bending of sheet metal up to 2000 mm, dimpling holes from 2.4 to 6.4 mm, 360 °C bending of sheet metal plates up to 2000 mm.

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