About us

A brief history of the Aeronautical-technical center J.S.C.

Presenting our company’s history in brief is not such an easy task. Our history goes way back 70 years. Actually starting in a wooden barrack as a main facility , we took it step by step. Through that period until the present day we built not only experience but also our knowledge. Most of the time we spent in servicing all types of military aircraft, transport or combat (piston and jet aircraft) for the former state of Yugoslavia.

Although their excellent reputation in the domestic and international frameworks were earned during their first name VZ „Zmaj“, the new state has repeatedly changed its name, and today we operate under the name of ZTC which was established in 2010.Our company is separated from the system of the Ministry of Defense and the company is fully owned by the Croatian government. What makes ATC J.S.C. especially known for is its highly skilled technical personnel, work quality and professional attitude towards customers. We have top of the class facilities, ground equipment and all of the necessary tools and equipment need for maintenance of modern A/C. The continued process of continuous improvement, adoption of new technologies and through the open access to the market, VZ „Zmaj“ was a great contributor to aircraft-design organizations. The knowledge and the experience which was collected during that period is of the essence and ATC proudly continues that tradition, and is totally submitted for commercial operations and its own future. Years of experience makes us well known worldwide and through such quality we have established cooperation with foreign manufacturers and aircraft operators. Maintaining their aircraft we gained recognition noteworthy international reputation.


The vision of ATC J.S.C. is to become the leading regional center for maintenance, repair and overhaul of military and civil aircraft with international references with the high quality on the benefit to our customers, employees. We would like to through We want to permanently through continuous education to improve the level of knowledge, organization and quality of service, providing more than the minimum requirements, and thus always be a step ahead of the competition.


Based on our experience, expertise and tradition we want to provide for our customers superior service aircraft maintenance using modern methods and technology work. The civil EASA Part 145 license, and a license to maintain the Croatian military aircraft, are the guarantee of quality and reliability. We offer our customers reasonable prices, partnerships, flexible deadlines and delivery. We also provide line maintenance assistance on emergency calls.


This activity includes complex tasks which include planning, analysis and continuous monitoring of the achieved results. These methods are incorporated in the internal company procedures, but ATC J.S.C. soon intends to obtain the certification according to ISO standards, as well as other industry-specific standards for aviation. To be able to increase quality standards ATC J.S.C. continues to take care of the training of the personnel, and to monitor the development of modern technologies and materials all in order to achieve the development of its production potential. Our development plans are oriented towards our facilities which include the construction of the new hangar with the adequate capacity for large aircraft, as well as the reconstruction of the existing service road from the airport Zagreb. We also started a co-operation with local airline companies to fulfill our mutual interests.

Core values of ATC J.S.C.

Our company recognizes human resources as its most important value. The basic premise of the internal quality of the Aeronautical-technical center are: expertise, knowledge and experience, both at the individual level and at the level of the company. Our employees gain their daily experience through a controlled manner, which along with constant training, ensures a high level of competence in their performance of assigned tasks. This type of relation towards the company certainly is contributed also with the high moral and professional characteristics of each of our employees who are aware of the reputation this company represents. Compromise is not an option when we discuss about the safety of aircraft

Innovation and Improvement

The leadership of ATC J.S.C. is completely open for any kind of new ideas, and they encourage creativity of their employees. Such suggestions are not privilege of few but the responsibility of all employees. This kind of approach makes it easier to achieve our goals

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