HR-10410 Sisačka 39 E, Velika Gorica +385 1 6228 501 +385 1 6228 525

Board of Directors

  • ​Pavao Krpan, Chairman, CEO
  • Marijo Dokupil, member        

Supervisory Board

  • ​Vildana Megla, Chairman


Commercial Banks

Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. Zagreb
ŽR: 2390001-1100376257
IBAN: HR73 2390 0011 1003 7625 7

Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb
ŽR: 2360000-1102135550
IBAN: HR52 2360 0001 1021 3555 0

Privredna banka d.d. Zagreb
ŽR: 2340009-1110426883
IBAN: HR46 2340 0091 1104 2688 3

Aeronautical Technical Center J.S.C. for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul

OIB: 34378227174

Commercial Court, Zagreb. MBS: 080720810

Capital stock: 274,962,000 HRK

It is our ambition to become a regional center for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. In our everyday business, we are striving to promote our fundamental values:

  • to be a socially responsible and transparent company
  • to remain a reliable and influential participant in the market, a respected and desirable partner
  • to permanantly improve our business activities and increase the excellence of our products and services
  • to protect the interests of our stockholders and our employees through straightforward relationships and mutual care
  • to foster and further develop the relations with our business partners by appreciating their individuality, quality and professional ethics
  • to follow best procurement practises and prevent any irregularity
  • to promote ethically based standards of conduct
  • to respect cultural, religious, traditional, material and spiritual diversity in our interaction with the wider community
  • to be in constant dialogue with the environment, to carefully preserve and protect it
  • to care about the health and safety of our employees and the society as a whole
  • to permanently apply measures suited to ensure a safe working environment
  • to encourage life-long learning, professional conduct and responsibility with our employees.

All our employees endorse a system of values based on principles promoting mutual respect, team work, the achievement of best possible results, the creation of an environment which favours the system of reward and promotion and in which best results are recognized and appreciated.

Wa all have the responsibility to promote these values, as they motivate, inspire and drive us to reach exceptional business success.


Tel . 01/6228 543
Fax. 01/6228 525
Mob. 099 6228 511
e-mail :
Sisačka 39E , Velika Gorica

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